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WSL has two Ingersol-Rand compressors, regularly maintained and tested for top performance and air purity.

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Fill Station (Labor) Pricing:
Air Fill $6.00 $6.00
Air Card,
10 fills
($5.00 each fill) $50.00
Century card,
100 fills
($4.00 each fill) $400.00
Nitrox - Coming soon!

NOTE: Cylinders MUST have:


Current Hydro stamp


Current VIP sticker


Scuba Certification required.



Note: Prices subject to change without notice.

WSL reserves the right to refuse

fills and or rentals to anyone.

Here's the human translated version:

OK, What this means is that cylinders made of a cretin aluminum alloy ( 6351-T6 ) are required to have an additional test done every time the five year hydro is done.

The additional test is the “EDDY TEST” which electronically check the aluminum for cracks that are not visible to the eye.

Yes this will cause an additional expense, but its not expected to be much. How much, I don’t know at this time but I expect it will be less then TEN dollars for the addition test.

That means less then two dollars a year over the five years the test is good for.

How do I determine if my cylinder is made out of the alloy 6351-T6?

The alloy is not stamped on the cylinder. You can use this as a guideline:

ALL Walter Kiddie aluminum cylinders were made of 6351-T6 alloy. Nearly all Luxfer aluminum cylinders prior to 6-88 are alloy 6351-T6. Catalina Cylinders only use alloy 6061, the Eddy test is not required.

I have heard that as of January 2007 aluminum cylinders will have a 40 year life span, is that true?

NO. At this time your cylinders are good as long as they pass the Hydro, Eddy test and the annual visual inspection.

Stay tuned for more information on Cylinders.



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