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Experience Cayman Brac - Riverside Scuba Locker 2020
May 23rd -30th

Join Ocean Forged Divers

Join us at Atlantis Resorts
 on our upcoming trip, March 13, 2021.
1 week or 2 weeks
 Now available for PreOrder

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  • Telp: 1.951.682.Dive
  • Email:
  • Riverside Scuba Locker
  • 1043 W La Cadena Dr.
  • Riverside, CA. 92501
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Open Water

beginning SCUBA diving certification

Nitrox Class

Learn to dive with Nitrox

Deep Class

Learn to dive in deep water. Please note that you will receive an eLearning code in an email from us after purchasing. If you do not see an eLearning code within 3 days, please give us a call. 20 dives prior to course are required

Feb 9
Feb 9
DAN 1st aid O2 provider
Feb 15
CeeRay Dive Boat, 2020