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About Us

Meet The Team

Roy Widney

Roy is the new owner of Riverside Scuba Locker and has been diving for over 40 years. He and his wife April hope you stop by and check out what we've done with the shop

Ben Smith

Anything Ben finds fun, he wants to share! After beginning with a college scuba program in 2011, he went on to earn his NAUI Instructor certification for 2016 to spread the passion for diving! With nearly 700 dives to his name, Ben has shared his joy of the underwater world with diving-ready students of all ages (10+) and he would love to take you to some of his favorite spots around Southern California!

Most recently, Ben received his CTE credential from the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing to teach SCUBA in a public educational program. When he isn't driving, Ben is out riding the canyons on his bike, or teaching as an adjunct instructor for a local drafting/engineering/manufacturing program.

JP Pearson

RSL's newest NAUI SCUBA Instructor, JP has made a name for himself working as a Dive Master on board the Dive Boat Magician out of San Pedro. He began his Professional dive career at the SCUBA Locker, under Roy Widney. Through Roy's leadership and direction (combined with JP's innate thirst for an adventurous life-worth-living), he exceled through the NAUI curriculum... putting his diving education to application with over 100 dives within his first year of certification! He is currently enrolled in his DAN DEMP Instructor Course! When not working on the boats, or teaching classes, he is committed to furthering his education in all things SCUBA (life).
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