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IE Ocean SEAkers


The IE Ocean SEAkers is a scuba diving club in Riverside, CA. The dive club meets the 1st Saturday every month at 6 pm at Riverside Scuba Locker.
The dive club offers a wide variety of diving opportunities from shore entry to boat diving! They pride themselves in never doing the same location 2 months in a row. There's new diving opportunities everywhere. The club welcomes all divers at all skill levels, our members range from newly certified to instructors. Meet the dive club at their Facebook group: IE Ocean SEAkers or Website:

To find out more about joining the dive club, please contact president, Cindi Ghi at


Sundiver 6-26-21

Catalina Diving on the sundiver

Woman's Dive Day 7-17-21

Woman's dive Day on the Bottom Scratcher

  • Coming soon!
Contact Us
  • Telp: 1.951.682.Dive
  • Email:
  • Riverside Scuba Locker
  • 1043 W La Cadena Dr.
  • Riverside, CA. 92501
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