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Equipment Servicing

It is time to get your
SCUBA Equipment Serviced

Riverside Scuba Locker


SCUBA manufacturers recommend that scuba equipment be serviced at least once a year,or when you experience problems with your equipment.
Riverside Scuba Locker services most brands of SCUBA equipment.
Your regulator, cylinder and buoyancy compensator are life support equipment and it should be maintained as such. Having your equipment professionally maintained will help ensure that you are a safe and competent diver and dive buddy.

Air Delivery System

Service first stage, second stage (parts not included)
Safe Second (octopus)
(parts not included)
B.C. mounted Alt air systems
(AIR II, AIR 3, Air XS, ...) (parts not included) 
Spare Air
(parts not included)

Buoyancy Compensator. BCs

(parts not included)
B.C. Inflator only
(parts not included)
B.C. Bladder patching Call

Gauges, Consoles and Computers

Gauge check
Pressure pot check for dive computer and depth gauges
Dive Computer Battery change
Price is based on model of computer. Shipping extra.
$15.00 to $125.00

Cylinders and Valves

Aluminum Cylinder Hydrostatic test
Required every five years.
Steel Cylinder Hydrostatic test
Required every five years.
Cylinder Valve (Included with above hydro price)
Recommended every five years with hydro.
Cylinder Visual Inspection (VIP)
Required every year, includes air fill.
Cylinder tumble
For rusted or corroded cylinders

Please call for any other equipment needing service.

Prices do not include parts or sales tax and are subject to change without notice.
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